Writing these "letters" has helped me to process life as a new mother, remain thankful, and come awake to the little moments that make this pretty challenging season simply wonderful.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 234...big baby

Sickness has gone through our house like the plague. But in the spirit of remaining thankful, it has only touched the babies. (I still like referring to my 2 and older kids as babies). Your daddy and I have not had the flu, trusting we won't, either. Remaining hopeful. It's been a miracle so far; needless to say with all of the nose wiping I have assisted with, all the coughs sprayed upon me, among everything else, I am a walking miracle. Thank you, Lord! Thank You I have been well enough to cuddle their foggy heads, cradle their fevering bodies, and nourish their weak temples. The sick season we are enduring has challenged me and stretched me in ways I wasn't even aware I needed.

There was this breaking point I reached the other day. It was a pity party, really. But I ended up dealing with my selfishness when I was all done pouting and escaping. Truthfully the pout and escape did help me settle and come to the realization I was being selfish, thrusting me back into the dirty work with pure motherly joy once again, only by His grace. But hopefully next time I can come to my senses through the Spirit and without running anybody over or acting like such a baby.

Dear Sadie

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